At Lonseth Interventional Pain Management, we commit ourselves to helping you identify and implement a personalized treatment plan for your pain condition or sports injury. Dr. Lonseth will meet with you to develop your customized treatment plan and start you on a path to pain relief. We offer a number of non-surgical and interventional treatment methods for pain that might affect any part of your body, from back and neck pain to knee, shoulder, and foot pain.


There are many different non-surgical pain management treatments available for chronic pain and discomfort. These can include over-the-counter and prescription drugs, mind & body techniques, acupuncture, and more. Relief may be found by using a combination of these non-invasive treatment options.

Non-Surgical Interventional

Surgery is not always the right answer for every patient in every case. Sometimes a non-surgical approach is the most effective way of combating pain and returning a patient to their normal life again. Non-surgical interventional treatment involves a range of procedures designed to treat pain without surgery.

Surgical Interventional

Surgery is generally only ever used as a last resort for chronic pain, or if you have additional neurological complications on top of the pain, it may be recommended. The exact treatment will depend on the root cause of your pain, and your doctor will give you the best recommendation.