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If you’re among the millions of people suffering from chronic pain, you know just how much it can disrupt your life. Constant fatigue, never-ending doctor’s appointments, and the daily battle to find comfort can make it hard to think about anything else. You’ve likely tried many different treatment methods with little success. But there is hope. The experts at Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers specialize in finding new ways to help people get relief from chronic pain.

Relieving Pain, Restoring Life.

It’s not just our motto: It’s how we frame each decision that we make so we may best be of service to you!

Dr. Eric Lonseth offers a variety of state-of-the-art therapies to pinpoint and treat the source of your pain. He takes a unique approach to spinal care by providing non-surgical, rehabilitation-oriented treatments that serve to manage your pain and help you return to daily activities. We have been an industry leader in non-invasive treatments, and we look to continue our tradition of excellence by providing our services to you today!

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