Eric Lonseth, M.D.

Leading Interventional Pain Management Specialist

At Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers, you’ll find one of the region’s leading pain management experts. Dr. Eric Lonseth is board-certified and specializes in treating acute and chronic pain to improve your quality of life.

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Patient Success Stories

Helping Our Patients Get Back the Life They Deserve

More than a quarter of those who suffer from chronic pain do nothing to get treatment, but at Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers we have helped thousands of patients feel better, faster. Our patients share their life-changing stories.

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Resolution Road – all signs point to a better back in 2017

Have you ever put “control my pain” on your resolution list? We at Lonseth Pain Intervention Centers think that should go to the very top!

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Are you Ho-Ho-Hurting for the Holidays?

Take it easy Santa, that heavy sack is doing a number on your back!

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