Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks for Pain Management

A lumbar medial branch block (MBB) is a minimally invasive procedure used in the diagnosis and treatment of pain from the facet joints in the lower back. The facet joints are joints that work as hinges connecting the bones of the spinal column together. The facet joint has a fluid that acts as a lubricant and helps with bending of the spine. The facet joints can produce a deep aching pain when the joint is damaged, either from wear and tear, advanced age, or injury or trauma. 

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Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks Treated Conditions

  • Facet-mediated pain – Facet-mediated pain is chronic pain caused by the deterioration or injury of the facet joints in the spine. These joints are located in the back of the spine, and when they are injured or degenerate, they can cause pain in the back and neck. Lumbar facet medial branch blocks can help diagnose and treat facet-mediated pain, providing immediate relief, improving function and reducing pain in the long term. 
  • Spondylosis – Spondylosis is a degenerative condition of the spine, often caused by age and wear and tear. It is a type of arthritis that affects the spine, leading to the degeneration of the vertebrae, discs, and joints.  

Why Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers?

Do you suffer from Spondylosis and live in the New Orleans area? Then Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers may be the ideal choice for Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks. We offer comprehensive treatments and services in a caring and compassionate environment. Our pain specialists are double board-certified and highly experienced in administering lumbar medial branch block injections. 

Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks FAQ

During lumbar medial branch block injection, you can expect to lie on your stomach while the doctor uses an X-ray to guide the needle to the correct spot. The doctor may also use a fluoroscope to ensure the needle is in the correct position. A local anesthetic is injected near the medial branch nerves, but after the injection, you may feel some temporary soreness around the injection site. 

You may experience numbness and tenderness at the site of your injection, but this should clear up within a day or two. In rare cases, come patients may also experience headaches or trouble sleeping. Keep I mind, this procedure is primarily a diagnostic tool to figure out the source of your back pain along with the next steps in your overall treatment plan. It is not necessarily intended to be a permanent solution to your pain. If you experience short-term relief following the Lumbar Medial Branch Block, your doctor will likely suggest a secondary procedure (typically a Lumbar Rhizotomy).