Success in Back Pain Relief through Spinal Injections

Back Pain Facts

  • Back pain is the most common cause of complaint in U.S. physician visits (Mayo Clinic study)
  • Lower back pain is the number one reason for disability worldwide (Global Burden for Disease study)
  • Most cases of back pain are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer (American Chiropractic Association)

The good news is that for decades, spinal injections have been one of the most common short-term treatments for back pain.

Radiating pain from the spine to some other part of your body (down your leg or arm due to a herniated disc for example) can commonly be relieved through epidural steroid injection.

Benefits of Pain Relief (even if short-term)

Pain physicians know that while the pain relief from these injections is temporary (from around a week and up to a year), inflammation-reduction and pain relief makes it possible to move forward in . Not to mention reducing your reliance on painkillers and boosting your motivation for exercise since you’re not in pain.

Are Spinal Injections right for you?

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Less Swelling, Less Pain

Since spinal injections flush out the inflammatory proteins that often cause the pain, your pain is usually lessened. As a bonus, the steroids in the injection reduce your immune system response to pain, keeping that system available to fight infection, bacteria and viruses like it’s meant to do.

Relief Where You Need It Most

Not only back pain but neck pain and sciatic pain benefit from spinal injection. Unlike a painkiller or oral steroid, the injection is delivered right to the source of your pain. And usually with far less harmful side effects, too.

Added Benefits of Pain Relief

Around 50 percent of patients report significant pain relief from a spinal injection—more for primary leg pain, a little less for lower back pain. These shots be attempted around every 3-4 months. The pain relief from epidural steroid injections typically improves your mental health and quality of life. This can potentially delay surgery or even remove the need for it entirely.

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