When Driving is a Pain in the Back

Fixing Lumbar Pain

The wrong type of car and the wrong type of seat can set you up for a rush hour nightmare when it comes to your back.

  • Most auto seats have terrible lumbar support. Adding lower back support can help absorb the jostling of a car ride, not to mention hold you up from slouching.
  • A stick shift car might sound sporty, but it strains the lower back to press the clutch repeatedly. If you’re in pain, an automatic vehicle is a much better fit.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

  • Long rides can build tension in the neck and shoulders, leading to headaches and intensifying the pain in your back. 
    Don’t grip the wheel so tightly while driving.
  • Sit close enough to the wheel that your elbows are slightly bent. Reaching out for the wheel places stress on your shoulders, spine and neck.
  • Adjust your posture so your knees are slightly higher than your hips, it takes the pressure off both your hamstrings and lower back.
  • Take breaks along the way. Walk and stretch gently when you stop. (Extended drives weaken your back and extensive stretching can lead to injury. Let your spine recover first.)

Are you experiencing pain while driving?

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Take the Road Less Traveled

Sometimes it pays to get off the road for awhile while you recover. The vibration, acceleration, deceleration and jolting of your vehicle can take a toll on your body, making worn discs and vertebrae more damaged with time.

The pain management specialists at Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers today can help with pain while driving, even if the pain is the result of something else altogether. So hop in the car and drive on over. Or give us a call first: 504-732-1094