Frequently Asked Questions About Pain Management

How can I relieve my back pain?

If back pain persists even after several weeks, or after chiropractic or physical therapy, then our treatments are the next step. The minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments can treat the pain at its source, eliminating it as much as possible rather than only masking the pain with medications.

Will I need spine surgery?

More than 80% of patients who receive proper pain management care are able to avoid back surgery. However, in some cases surgery may be necessary. The procedures we perform will target the source of your pain. Even if they don’t eliminate the pain entirely, your surgeon will have a more clear idea of what’s going on. He or she will then have more information on its cause and severity which will ensure a better outcome from surgery.

How should I describe my pain to my doctor?

Describe your pain clearly and in as much detail as possible. You will be asked to describe your level of pain on a scale as well as complete a pain diagram. The descriptors and location of the pain that you give better help us understand the type and source of your pain.

What can my friends and family do to help with my pain?

Friends and family can help by encouraging you to live as normally and independently as possible.

Do I have to suffer with chronic pain for the rest of my life?

With proper treatment most people can live full, normal lives after having experienced chronic pain.

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