Here’s to your Health! Avoid Pain through Better Self-Care

Your body systems are counting on you to keep them moving. Your muscles love when you maintain them to be strong and flexible. And everything in the body works in tandem—muscles support circulation and respiration, ligaments allow the bones to move, and the skeletal system carries the whole system around. When any one part gets injured or ill, everything else can be affected. For example, did you know that pain causes a release of hormones in to the blood stream which increases stress and can push your endocrine system out of wack?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that chronic pain can cause additional illness. Besides a positive mental outlook, there are multiple other steps you can take to improve your health and decrease your pain.

Get healthy, stay healthy! Ten tips for a healthier you:

MOVE IT! Exercise at least five days a week. Walk every day. Research shows a daily walk can cut your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

STRETCH YOURSELF! Relieve strain on your back and neck and improve the poor circulation that comes from inactivity by touching your toes, lifting your arms over your head and rotating your neck.

STAND UP! If you sit all day, break it up with frequent movement: walks, stretches, leg lifts, etc. Getting up from your chair can remove pressure from your spine, encourage better circulation and even improve your energy level. While you’re at it..

STAND UP STRAIGHT! Slouching causes back and neck pain and is rough on ligaments (see my blog post on posture for details).

EAT WELL! Calcium, Vitamin D, fish, leafy greens – you need it, your bones need it, save yourself the aches and pains and just eat it. The brighter the fruit or veggie, the more likely it is to carry anti-inflammatory properties. Decreasing inflammation is better for joint pain, back pain, neck pain, all kinds of pain.

DRINK WATER! Flush toxins and keep those thirsty body systems fueled with plenty of water.

CHANGE SHOES! Comfortable and low-heeled shoes can prevent or reduce pain in your feet and spine. A professional fitting might be in order.

SLEEP MORE! Good sleep is the new holy grail of good health. Check your sleep hygiene – no screens before bed, dim lighting, cool temperatures, relaxing habits – and seek out improvement if needed.

DROP IT! So you think you can lift that big box? Get help. No need to throw your back out through lifting heroics. Bend at the knees and if you can’t lift with ease, lift with help.

CALL FOR HELP! You don’t have to suffer. If chronic pain or body aches are still occuring despite attempts at better health, Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers can help. Whether physical therapy or medical intervention, Lonseth can help you live pain-free, usually without addictive drugs or surgery. Call (504) 327-5857 for an evaluation today.

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