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Have you recently been in a car accident? While you may think a doctor’s visit is unnecessary, you may be injured and not realize it. Injuries like whiplash, for example, can take hours, days, or even weeks before you notice any symptoms. Believe it or not, most car accident injuries happen at speeds of 6-12 mph, so while your car might look fine, your body may have sustained damage.

Medical and legal professionals agree that the first 72 hours after an accident are the most critical, as treatments will be most effective when injuries are caught early on. For example, a soft-tissue injury can be permanent after scar tissue forms in your muscles. If you don’t receive treatment soon after the accident, this could decrease your flexibility and leave you prone to re-injure yourself.

Statistics show the longer you wait to seek treatment after an accident, the longer the healing process could take. You may also need more treatments if you don’t immediately see your doctor. Your injuries, whether you realize they’re there or not, will not usually heal correctly on their own, and your pain can worsen over time. 

If you seek medical care and are not injured, you can rest easy knowing you had a thorough exam and x-rays that prove you’re in the clear. Also, the faster you seek medical treatment, the better, or else you could risk having your benefits denied or limited.

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Dr. Eric Lonseth uses a comprehensive and integrative approach to relieve your pain and end your suffering.  He is among the highest-rated pain management specialists in the Greater New Orleans area.  

If you suffer from any acute or chronic pain conditions, contact us to start on your path to pain relief today.

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