Resolution Road – all signs point to a better back in 2017

When you’re making your list this New Year’s, think about adding these back-friendly healthy habits. Each one can lead to less back pain:

  1. Walk More: Walking and other low-impact aerobic activity strengthens and stretches muscles, reduces inflammation and speeds healing by sending oxygen-rich blood to your trouble spot. Invest in a good pair of shoes and get a walking partner to keep you on schedule.
  2. Sleep More: A better night’s sleep is better for everything, the back included. Without a good night’s sleep aches and pains get worse. Your tolerance for pain drops. Your patience dwindles. Our relationships suffer. Take a look at how you sleep. Sleep hygiene is the next big thing in personal medicine. If you are like like most people with chronic pain, 2 out of 3 suffer from some degree of insomnia, try hot baths, white noise, lower lighting and a cooler temperature to help with a good night’s sleep.
  3. Sit Less: Desk jobs, long commutes and yep, back pain, mean more sitting. Studies show you can reduce neck and back pain by just sitting one hour less per day. Work standing up when you can. Walk to the water fountain at least once an hour. Resist the very difficult urge to sit down as soon as you get home and instead take a walk or do some gardening. When watching television make yourself get up and march in place during the commercials. On the weekends stand at events, stand to fold laundry, stand whenever you can. Think of it as lowering your carbon butt-print!
  4. Control Your Pain: Resolve to do something about your pain this year. Lonseth Pain Intervention Centers has medication-free and minimally invasive approaches to help you end that pain once and for all. Add “make an appointment” to your New Year’s resolution list today?

  5. Happy 2017 from Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers.

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