When Doves Cry: Prince and Percocet?

A persistent hip pain might be what drove him to the drug. The emergency landing of his private plane in Moline, Illinois, saved his life once, but a 911 call wasn't enough to save him when he collapsed and died at home in Minneapolis last week.

If the autopsy results show drugs to be the cause, we'll have yet another troubling death in the national spotlight. Prince would join Heath Ledger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and a host of other famous people who we can memorialize as high-profile victims of the drug scourge. Outside the limelight, what about the tens of thousands of others who die each year? What about the fact that in 2012, drug overdose was the number one cause of death in adults aged 25 to 64?

All the staff at Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers agrees -- we don't want to see another drug-overdose death in the news. But if this story proves true, may it lead to the national conversation we need to talk about pain management alternatives and save lives.

Dr. Eric Lonseth advises you build a relationship with a pain management provider before allowing a physician to prescribe painkiller medication. For more information, contact Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers at 504.327.5857

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