Back Pain and Beyond

Back pain? We all have it at some points in our lives. But is it simple? Not really. There is so much more going on with our back pain than with just the back itself.

Within each of us there is a host of physical and psychological elements that help determine if and how we experience pain.

Not everyone is helped with taking it easy for a few days or a bottle of ibuprofen. If the low back pain last more than a week you should find a pain management doctor. At Lonseth Interventional Pain Centers we do medicine a little bit differently and feel our results speak for themselves.

What we do:

Evaluate you as a person. Everyone is different. We focus on what is causing the pain and how it affects your life. From there we can better tailor a treatment plan for you.

Why we do it

A precision approach to treatment better treats the pain and better helps it from returning again. Precision begins with understanding who you are, what your goals are and where the pain is coming from.

What we do:

Avoid medication as a first-line defense against back pain

Why we do it:

Pain medications can actually make you feel worse. They can make you tired, or confused. They expose us to a number of side effects. Opioids can also be addictive. They can also make the pain we feel worse over time. Pain pills may be helpful but they are rarely the treatment that should be tried first or continued without end.

What we do:

Focus on body mechanics and symptom reduction.

Why we do it:

Proper diagnosis and early treatment can prevent a lot of future problems for those who suffer from low back pain. Conservative treatment with physical therapy, acupuncture, anti-inflammatories and targeted injections mean getting back on your feet, less pain medicines and less of a need for surgery.

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Living in pain can be devastating. Our patients featured in these stories suffered real pain and Dr. Lonseth stepped in to help. Have peace of mind knowing that our team can provide just the right treatment plan for your needs.

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